Our StatGround Team

Quality Individuals Make the Difference

Registered Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, and an EMT/EMT-P

All of our nurses and respiratory therapists are required to hold at least one specialty exam certifications including C-NPT, NPS, CEN, CFRN, or PCEN.  All clinical team members participate in high-fidelity simulation and mandatory intubation experiences in the OR each quarter.  Our clinical transport staff must have STABLE & Cardiac STABLE, NRP, ACLS and PALS, 3 intubations per quarter, cadaver lab, TNCC/TNATC/PHTLS, AMRM and NIMS 100 and 700. Our EMT/operators must maintain state EMS certification as and EMT or Paramedic and be a Certified Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO).

Medical Direction

Our medical direction is provided by Dr. Michael Kaufmann, Chairman of the CCT Medical Advisory Group (MAG). Dr. Kaufmann facilitates physician representation from neonatology, pediatric and pediatric critical care. This group is responsible for continually reviewing patient care, outcomes, and industry standards to ensure adherence to a uniform and evidence based practice model. This integration ensures that the CCT team is providing the highest quality patient care available in the transport medicine environment. The CCT team is a true extension of the outstanding care provided by Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and St. Vincent Women’s Hospital.

Medical Equipment

We operate a fleet of advanced critical care ambulances, each one designed with safety at the forefront. Two of our ambulances are quad-cabs so that all crewmembers can comfortably and safely collaborate on the outbound leg of a transport. For the return trip with the patient, the ambulance's patient-care compartments are built with a steel safety cages that protect occupants in the event of a broadside impact or roll-over accident and all ambulances are equipped with a Global Positioning Satellite system to track the vehicle throughout transport. Special safety seats inside the ambulance are equipped with five-point restraint systems that include single-button release for rapid evacuation. The ambulances are equipped with a dual-functioning air conditioning and heater system to cool or heat it rapidly. Our Power-LOAD™ cot fastener system improves operator and patient safety by supporting the cot throughout the loading and unloading process.

Our isolettes are fully contained units with air and oxygen to meet every respiratory need. We have both high-frequency ventilators and inhaled nitric oxide systems. For conventional neonatal ventilation, we use CrossVents and for our pediatric patients, we use the LTV1200.