Cancer Survivorship

Talk to our Survivorship Coordinator about activities and support (317) 338-3551.

Download the monthly Survivorship Program calendar here.

There is no cost for survivorship programs; the St. Vincent Foundation supports these programs with generous gifts from the community and from the annual St. Vincent Cancer Walk in September.

Location: Many of the Survivorship programs are available on the St. Vincent 86th St. campus. Our Survivorship Suite is located at 8550 Naab Rd., Suite 201, Physician Medical Plaza, Indianapolis.

It's been a tradition at St.Vincent Indianapolis for wall-size glass mosaics to grace the halls of the Hospital's 6th floor Cancer Unit and the outpatient Cancer Center.

It's been a tradition at St. Vincent Indianapolis for wall-size glass mosaics to grace the halls of the Hospital's 6th floor Cancer Unit and the outpatient Cancer Center. These mosaics were created as a collaborative effort between oncology patients and caregivers. The activity of cutting glass into desired shapes allows for tension relief, while the community created at the table relieves feelings of isolation with a cancer diagnosis. It's a refreshing project that brightens the lives of many. No prior experience needed. Come to Art Therapy Studio 317-338-3551 located on the second floor, suite 201 of the 8550 Naab Rd. professional building.

Cancer Care Survivorship Programs

Survivorship Programs for St. Vincent Cancer Care patients are led by creative, artistic, compassionate associates who focus on the individual needs of each cancer survivor. Our goal is to give our survivors a place to find a balance for the needs of mind, body and spirit.

All St. Vincent adult cancer survivors are welcome to talk to our Cancer Care Survivorship Coordinator and participate in programs at any point in during the cancer journey. Sometimes this happens immediately after an initial surgery or treatment, for others, they engage with our programs months or even a year later.

These activities are making a positive difference in the lives of many cancer survivors and their loved ones:

My Cancer Journey: A free, one-day workshop offered monthly that is an introduction to many of the Survivorship programs listed below. This workshop is for cancer patients and their loved ones and will include the topics: Meditation and Relaxation, Cancer 101, General Nutrition, Coping with Cancer, Art therapy and Gentle Yoga.

  • Cancer Support Group for St. Vincent Cancer patients only
  • Care Giver Support Group, for those caring for individuals with cancer
  • Spirituality Group
  • Art Therapy Studio, provides open art studio participation as well as instructor led classes. No prior art experience is necessary
  • Stress Reduction Programs – Healing Through Fitness, Yoga, Guided Meditation and Movement Therapy (If you think each needs listed with explanation we can provide something)
  • Educational Support Programs:
    • Breast Reconstruction Panel Discussion. Survivors share their stories about different types of breast reconstruction surgery, including some who have decided not to have reconstruction. A physical therapist addresses lymphedema therapy; and a registered oncology breast care nurse facilitates the Q/A format.
    • Blue Ribbon Prostate Cancer Education and Support Group: Our goal is to provide a forum for men and their loved ones to learn about prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment options – as well as coping and everyday living – in a comfortable setting with others who “get it.”
    • Look Good Feel Better® is a free program from the American Cancer Society to help women cope with hair loss and skin changes due to chemotherapy and radiation oncology treatments. A free take-home makeup package is also provided at no cost to patients.
  • Nutrition Classes – Our Registered Oncology Dietitian offers classes about nutritional needs during treatment and after treatment.

Survivorship Frequently Asked Questions

Portraits of the Human Spirit --The Journey of Seventeen” is a series of photographic portraits featuring 16 women and one man, each a cancer survivors

Now on display: “Portraits of the Human Spirit --The Journey of Seventeen” is a series of photographic portraits featuring 16 women and one man, each a cancer survivors. These photos allow for a brief look into the self-perceptions of these patients as they work towards defining a new normal following their diagnosis. The Casalini portraits are currently on display at the Fishers Hospital Cancer, second floor, by the Oncology, Infusion Center.

Q. When are the Cancer Survivorship programs available to me?
A. After your first appointment with the surgeon or medical oncologist, you may also meet a St. Vincent Patient Navigator, all of our Cancer Care Navigators work together to help bridge the communications so that patients feel more confident and proactive about their care. There will be lots of information and details and our staff is here to help you sort through it all. Just remember – Cancer Survivorship starts from the very first appointment and throughout your treatment plan, and then at any point in your journey including the follow-up appointments.

Q. I have a strong family and church community as a support group. How do your programs apply to me?
A. Having a supportive network of family and friends is very positive. There may be times, however, when you feel "they just don't get it," especially if none have experienced cancer before. Or after you "graduate" from the treatment plan, there may be a lonely void because you are no longer on a steady schedule with treatments where you saw the same chemotherapy nurses or radiation oncology technicians every week. Survivorship programs whether it is support group, a class, discussion, or art therapy experience offers something for everyone.

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