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How to expedite adult and pediatric cancer referrals to St. Vincent Cancer Care Physicians

St. Vincent provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient cancer care services represented by than 90 board-certified pediatric and adult oncology specialists including medical oncologists and hematologists, radiation oncologists, and surgical oncologists. St. Vincent Indianapolis located on the north side at 86th St. is the central location for diagnostic, treatment, and supportive cancer care services.  

To refer a patient, contact the physician's office directly -- a directory of physicians is available at Find-a-Physician.
Call the St. Vincent Cancer Care at 317-338- 3900 for more information about scheduling questions, Patient Navigation and Supportive Cancer Care Services

Throughout Indiana, St. Vincent Cancer Care physicians representing different disciplines are on-call 24/7 and accessible through St. Vincent's ONE CALL Transfer system. All St. Vincent Ministries and Emergency departments have immediate access.To learn more click here.

Why refer to St. Vincent Cancer Care?

Nationally, cancer patients are living longer and that is definitely true for the patients we see at St. Vincent Cancer Care. As an accredited Commission on Cancer (COC) program under the American College of Surgeons our system of cancer care is patient-centric and holistic (treating and supporting the body, mind, and spirit). Annually, St. Vincent's cancer care performance meets and exceeds nationally established benchmarks for quality cancer care standards for both adult and pediatric patient groups. Our case mix represents all types of adults and pediatric cancers with a concentration and expertise in:

  • Gynecologic malignancies (ovarian, cervical and uterine)
  • Breast malignancies of all types
  • Lung malignancies and complex thoracic sarcomas
  • Prostate and bladder maligancies
  • Blood cancers (adult and pediatric including rare and complex maligancies)
  • CRC and liver METS including Y-90 treatment protocols
  • Throat malignancies including advanced ENT treatment protocols
  • Brain and spine malignancies

At St. Vincent Cancer Care we strive to work closely with the patient's primary care physician, and their loved ones to coordinate a stronger continuity of care throughout the treatment plan. We believe survivorship begins at the point of diagnosis and the first appointment with the oncologist (whether it's the surgeon, medical or radiation oncologist). That philosophy includes giving these patient options and opportunities to access exceptional cancer treatments and therapies that are often found at larger academic cancer centers.  We tie that together with a strong team of Patient Navigators, Genetic Assessment Counselors, and Supportive (Palliative) Services that includes psycho-social support, pain management, pastoral counsel, art, exercise and other meditative therapies, and acute specialty care and hospice.

Cancer Risk Assessment Study

Collaborative Anderson Poster

Cancer Research: Demonstrating feasibility of a collaborative approach to cancer risk assessment services in a multi-system community hospital (click to enlarge)

A two-year genetic risk assessment study presented by St. Vincent Genetic Counselors as a poster at the 11th Annual Research Symposium hosted by St. Vincent Research and Regulatory Affairs on June 17, 2015, reported findings based on 8,937 Indiana women who completed  risk assessment questionnaires. St. Vincent mammography technicians and nurse navigators at St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital collected risk assessment questionnaires and entered the data so that it was analyzed using four risk models. Of this group 12% were identified as high risk and contacted in person by the breast navigator trained by a genetic extender to talk about next steps. Some of these women and families opted to schedule personal counseling appointments with a St. Vincent Genetic Counselor. Outcomes from this study demonstrated the importance of doing a genetic risk assessment questionnaire or collecting that information at the time of the mammogram and using an evidence based risk model to analyze the data immediately to better identify high-risk patients and communicate next steps.

A St. Vincent Genetic Risk Assessment CALL-line is now available at toll-free 1-855-931-6957 to help patients better women at high risk for breast cancer and families with hereditary cancer risk.

 St. Vincent Cancer Care focuses on patient-centric COC quality standards

  1. The clinical services provide state-of-the-art pretreatment evaluation, staging, treatment, and clinical follow-up for cancer patients seen at the facility for primary, secondary, tertiary, or end-of-life care.
  2. The cancer committee leads the program through setting goals, monitoring activity, evaluating patient outcomes, and improving care.
  3. The cancer conferences provide a forum for patient consultation and contribute to physician education.
  4. The quality improvement program is the mechanism for evaluating and improving patient outcomes.
  5. The cancer registry and database is the basis for monitoring the quality of care.

St. Vincent Cancer Care Pediatric Oncologists, Gyn/Onc specialists, Urologists, Breast and Neuro-surgeons are part of ONE Call. When there is an adult or pediatric cancer crisis use ONE call.
The St. Vincent ONE Call Transfer system was created to facilitate acute patient transfers from regional hospitals to St. Vincent Indianapolis. The goal of St. Vincent ONE Call Transfer is to provide an efficient patient experience for patients and expedite the continuity of care.
ONE Call Transfer is a single point of access service provided for quick transfer of patients to the St. Vincent Indianapolis campus.

  • St. Vincent Hospital including the 6th Floor inpatient Cancer Care unit
  • Peyton Manning Children's Hospital
  • St. Vincent Heart Center for cardiac events following cancer treatment

 Air or Ground Transport for 24/7 Emergency Care Service

  • High level newborn, pediatric and adult critical care ground transport and rapid transportation for basic or advanced life support transport.
  • Specially designed and equipped ambulance for neonatal, pediatric and adult needs
  • Capability of supporting the sickest newborn, pediatric or adult patient with high frequency ventilation
  • The Ground and Air Transport Team, consisting of physicians, RNs, RTs and EMTs specializing in neonatal, pediatric and adult transport, servicing the entire state of Indiana, as well as surrounding states.
  • The Transport Team to coordinate patient transportation for extended stays.
  • Air Transport by PHI (our preferred air provider), capable of being inflight within minutes of the dispatch call.  

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