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Medical research has strong presence at St. Vincent

Dr. Freeman Lung Scan Trials

Dr. Richard Freeman reports on the outcomes from several studies involving low-dose CT lung scan trials and navigational bronchoscopy and how to completely stage a patient without having to make an incision.

The St. Vincent Cancer Care Research Department in Indianapolis has a longstanding reputation for facilitating gynecologic and pediatric blood cancer studies. Our board-certified oncologists and surgeons are principal investigators in national multi-center trials, as well as, local medical studies. Other adult types of adult medical studies are also done intermittently in the other oncology areas of expertise. The strength of these efforts rivals university-based research programs, and directly benefits our cancer care patients. Our goal is to provide cancer patients with innovative therapies who otherwise would not be available without clinical trial involvement. The medical studies involve all types of patients. Those undergoing surveillance or diagnosed with early stage diseases to those with advanced stage cancer.

Dr. Joel Feldman

"Doing medical research at St. Vincent Health in Indiana isn't something our physicians and associates have to do, unlike university-based medical schools. It's something we have a passion to do in addition to our daily efforts to diagnose and treat with patients." - Dr. Joel Feldman, St. Vincent Medical Research

St. Vincent Health as an extensive network of physician researchers who partner with

These research groups have active clinical trials underway. For more information about which trials may be applicable to a St. Vincent patient contact (email).

St. Vincent Research Symposium

Within St. Vincent Cancer Care, we have physicians, oncology nurses and genetic counselors leading innovative research studies to improve the quality of care. All of these efforts directly benefit patients and primary care provides.  The list below is a sampling of recently presented cancer care studies.

The St. Vincent Gynecologic Oncologists are lead investigators of nationally recognized clinical trials and also lead local research studies of ovarian, uterine and cervical cancer.

  • T Kiney, H Fornalik et al. What level of obesity affects results of surgery: A cohort study of robotics and laparotomy in endometrial cancer staging among women with a BMI 40 and above. St. Vincent Research Symposium. 2015.
  • M Miller, H Fornalik et al. Outcomes of sandwich therapy in the treatment of uterine malignancies. St. Vincent Research Sympoisum. 2015.

Our Thoracic surgeons have worked with medical device companies to study and improve novel minimally invasive surgical techniques to improve the recovery times following a lung cancer surgery for better overall outcomes.

Our Medical Oncologists/ Hematologists working with the Gastrointestinal Surgeons have documented improved outcomes using robotic surgery versus open surgery for colorectal cancer tumor resection.

  • N. Gupta, N. Patel, T. Glass, S. Storey et al. Outcomes of robotic surgery for colorectal cancer. St. Vincent Research Symposium. 2015.

The St. Vincent Cancer Care Genetic Counselors are actively identifying a more comprehensive breast cancer genetic risk assessment approach to identify high-risk women and support active surveillance efforts system wide. 

  • S. Cohen, D Nixon et al. Demonstrating feasibility of a collaborative approach to cancer risk assessment services in a multi-system community hospital. St. Vincent Research Symposium. 2015.

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