Anti-coagulation Therapy & Medication Management

C.O.A.G Clinics Have Convenient Locations

Taking anticoagulation medications also includes regular monitoring. Out St.Vincent Heart Center C.O.A.G Clinic Team is here to help.

If you have congestive heart failure or other cardiac conditions, you may depend on blood thinning medication to prevent blood clots or to keep existing clots from getting larger. Taking anticoagulation medications also includes regular monitoring. The St.Vincent Heart Center C.O.A.G. Clinics have several locations in Indianapolis and the surrounding area:

The C.O.A.G Clinic team is part of the Heart Center's Medication Management Program and includes pharmacists and registered nurses. Each is trained to monitor the anticoagulation therapy, and report any changes to your physicians. They are Heart Care patient educators and also provide additional support for ongoing recovery and smoking cessation.

For more information about the C.O.A.G Clinic/Medication Management Program call 317-338-8700.

What to Expect at Your C.O.A.G Appointments

It’s our goal to keep your anticoagulation therapy safe and effective. At every appointment (or by phone) we are here to answer your questions about the medication and any symptoms you may be experiencing. Our Heart Center association will talk to you about medication adjustments. Using easy-to-understand instructions, many of our patients can safely and effectively self-dose and even use an at-home monitoring device.

The first appointment lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Follow-up appointments are approximately 15 minutes.

At each appointment, we take a simple finger-stick blood sample to determine how well your medication is preventing blood clots.

C.O.A.G. home self-testing

With physician approval, Coumadin, Warfarin, Jantoven or another anticoagulant medication may include an in-home, self-testing device that communicates results directly to the C.O.A.G Clinic staff. This option is convenient for the patients and enables our staff to get real-time test results so they can help manage your dosing.

For patients who cannot take oral medication, our staff teaches patients and caregivers how to self-inject the proper dosage of medicine. This includes, children with cardiac illnesses who have unique emotional and physical needs. The St.Vincent Heart Center is a partner of the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St.Vincent, Indianapolis, IN and includes pediatric cardiologists.

Next Steps

  • Smoking is the #1 cause of preventable deaths in the U.S.
  • St.Vincent Medication Management Services includes a Tobacco Management Center
  • Individual and group sessions available leaded by nurses and pharmacists
  • Our educators were trained in the Mayo Clinic program based on Pfizer's Beat the Pack smoking cessation curriculum. This class also includes a free COPD lung screening test.
  • Program term: 8-12 weeks
  • For more information call 317-338-CARE (2273) or