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St.Vincent Heart Center: First-time patient

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You and your family physician are part of the solution to bettering your overall health due to cardiovascular disease. Communication is very important. We anticipate that you will come prepared with a list of questions, your current medications and other medical test results.  We too will be very prepared to evaluate and diagnose your medical problem with the most advance medical resources.  St.Vincent Heart Center is represented by 20 different areas of heart and vascular expertise.

Depending on the physician, you may be at one of two Heart Center locations (86th and Naab Road or 106th and Meridian Streets). Click here for the complete addresses and to get directions.

Scheduled patient appointments

Once your appointment date is set, you'll get a welcome packet by mail that details your visit to the St. Vincent Heart Center.  We encourage you to call the scheduling coordinator at 317-583-5151 for any questions prior to your appointment.

What to bring: 

  • List of your current medications
  • Any x-rays or cardiac imaging CDs
  • Notes, medical history, blood pressure readings, etc.
  • Insurance identification (We accept most major health insurance plans; pre-certification may be needed for some procedures and treatments)
  • A family member or friend
    • As needed, to drive you after the appointment, surgery, testing etc.
    • To be your advocate and take notes and remind you of tests, treatments and medications.

In some cases, if your visit includes several days of testing, our heart center concierge will help you with hotel options close bye. The Heart Center Concierge's direct line is 317-583-5084.

Spiritual Care

We believe that each person is a unique blend of body, mind and spirit  -- always worthy of respect and care. Our chaplains are available to guests and family as a good listener to offer spiritual and emotional support. They will accompany those in crisis or grief, share prayer, lead worship and help create other appropriate rituals. The chaplain will also help communicate with your local clergy and help you transition into recovery.

A Chapel is provided in each location as a place of quiet sanctuary for guests and visitors to nourish their spirits and nurture their relationships with the Divine.  Both Chapels are located near the cafeteria/café and are open around the clock.

To talk to a Chaplain by phone call 317-583-5059 or request by email attention

Additional Visitor and Patient Services

For additional information including a full list of hotels offering overnight discounted rates to Heart Center patients, click here.

The St.Vincent Hospital main operator -- 317-583-5000 can also connect you to any of the patient and visitor services resources.

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