Home Care Services

Focused on Patient-Centered Outcomes

At St.Vincent Home Care, we are dedicated to providing spiritually centered, holistic care that sustains and improves the health of individuals. We offer the following services:

Skilled Nursing

  • Wound care and assessment
  • Home Care Services 2
  • Experience with the VAC System
  • Instruction and supervision of medications
  • Administration of injections
  • Assessment and instruction regarding diet, self-care and disease processes
  • Diabetic instruction, catheter care, tube-feeding care, ostomy care, and instruction for self-care of these needs
  • Supervision and coordination of care by other members of the Home Care team
  • Nursing for infusion care
  • Providing cardiac education and care
  • Other physician-ordered services
Home Care Services 1

Physical Therapy

  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Functional and gait training
  • Wound care
  • Electric stimulation and ultrasound treatments

Medical Social Services

  • Community resource and support services
  • Long-range planning
  • Financial counseling and assistance

Occupational Therapy

  • Evaluation and treatment
  • Upper extremity rehabilitation
  • Improving independence and daily living skills

Speech Therapy

  • Evaluation and treatment for communication disorders
  • Treatment for swallowing disorders