Medication Dispenser

The Medication Dispenser is ldeal for Patients Who:

Medication Dispenser
  • Have one or more chronic conditions.
  • Have multiple medications or complex med regimens.
  • May have cognitive impairment.
  • Have limited mobility and risk for falls.
  • Require assistance with medications.
  • May have been hospitalized for misuse of medications.

How the Medication Dispenser Works

Medication Dispenser - LOAD


The dispenser is programmed for the patient's medication schedule. Up to 60 doses can then be placed in small plastic cups and loaded into the dispenser.

Medication Dispenser - LOAD


The patient presses the button when the recorded voice announces that it’s time for medicine. The medication that has been loaded for the exact day and time is then dispensed.

Medication Dispenser - LOAD


The dispenser is connected to the patient's telephone line, so if a dose is missed, alerts are sent to the patient and caregivers to make sure the medicine is taken.

For more information, please call 800-972-7157.