Community Benefit Report

2015 Community Benefits ReportThe St.Vincent Health mission is to provide high quality, holistic care which sustains and improves the health of individuals and communities, with special attention to the poor and vulnerable. This mission drives and informs the way each St.Vincent ministry contributes to its community.

As a non-profit hospital system, St.Vincent Health recognizes an obligation to measure, track and report on the level of that community benefit investment in each community served.

Community benefit investment includes not only the programs and services described in Community Connections, but also the millions of dollars in free or reduced-cost health care St.Vincent Health provides annually to the poor, vulnerable, uninsured or underinsured in each community.

The St.Vincent Health annual Community Benefit Report documents for state and local government, each St.Vincent community and our own associates the financial investment St.Vincent Health has made in each community, through programs and events, through traditional charity care and through shortfalls resulting from participation in public programs such as Medicaid. In reporting this investment, St.Vincent Health follows the policies of the Catholic Healthcare Association.

In addition to documenting the financial commitment to community benefit by location, the report offers a snapshot of key programs and events offered in that year and shares some of the underlying personal stories that reflect the importance of this investment.

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