Community Programs

St.Vincent develops and supports programs in each of its communities to improve health status and quality of life. Some of these programs impact health directly, such as providing a community health screening, while others affect health indirectly by improving quality of life. Housing, education, employment and the environment are just some of the community issues that impact the quality of life within the community and ultimately, the health status of residents.

St.Vincent Health sponsors community programs in four key focus areas.

Access—Providing affordable and efficient health care to those without the resources needed to easily navigate the health care system

Advocacy—Speaking for and acting on behalf of the vulnerable to create policies and programs that improve daily life

Health Promotion—Providing education and health screenings to improve lifestyle choices and promote early detection and treatment of health concerns

Community Building—Addressing a full range of quality of life issues in partnership with community organizations to improve health status and lives

These programs are not sponsored by a single department or division, but engage St.Vincent associates, clinicians, programs and health ministries throughout the St.Vincent Health system. Associates are also encouraged to produce meaningful improvement in the community by partnering with other organizations.