Curriculum (IM)

St.Vincent Hospital prepares physicians to be on the cutting edge of medical practice.
Program success is demonstrated by these facts:

  • Excellent Board passage rate
  • Excellent placement of those seeking fellowship in the subspecialty of their choice
  • Majority of our graduates return to practice at St. Vincent
  • Interested residents have succeeded in publishing on a variety of clinical research topics

Curriculum and Rotations

In an environment of clinical diversity and individualized curriculum development, residents not only gain comprehensive experience in General Internal Medicine, but are able to focus on those areas most important to their future practice goals.

St. Vincent offers three tracks that lead to eligibility for ABIM certification. The 3-year tracks, outlined below, are built on inpatient and outpatient experiences, yet provide ample flexibility for each individual’s needs. Rotation information on the combined IM/FM track is available from the program office.


Primary Care Track Categorical Track
3 months AIMS*-Days 3 months AIMS-Days
1 month AIMS-Nights 1 month AIMS-Nights
1 month ICU-days 1 month Inpatient Consults
1 month ICU-nights 1 month ICU-days
1 month Cardiology 1 month ICU-nights
1 month ER 1 month Cardiology
1 month Intro to Amb Med 1 month ER
1 month Outpatient Block 1 month Intro to Amb Med
2 months Subspecialties/Electives 2 months Subspecialties/Electives

PGY-2 & 3

Primary Care Track Categorical Track
3 months AIMS-Days 4 months AIMS-Days
2 months AIMS-Nights 2 months AIMS-Nights
2 months ICU-Days 1 month PHS** Resident
2 months Adv Amb Block 2 months ICU-Days
0.5 month Hospice/Palliative Care 2 months ICU-Nights
0.5 month Dermatology 1 month Triage Resident
14 months Subspecialties/Electives 1 month Inpatient Cardiology
  1 month Clinic Chief
  10 months Subspecialties/Electives

*AIMS = Adult Inpatient Medicine Service (Wards)
**PHS = Private Hospitalist Service

Outpatient Continuity Clinic

Post-Graduate Year Primary Care Sessions / Week Categorical Sessions / Week
PGY-1 1/week 1/week
PGY-2 3/week 2/week
PGY-3 3/week 2/week

1/2 day continuity clinic


Required: Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Geriatrics, Infectious Disease, Hematology, Oncology, Neurology, Endocrinology.

Elective rotations are available in third-world health care (International Rotation), Advanced Hospitalist Medicine, Administrative Medicine, Liaison Psychiatry, Sports Medicine, Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care, Occupational Medicine, Allergy, Pain Management, Geriatric Assessment and many other disciplines.