Salary & Benefits

Summary for Residents and Fellows (2015 - 2016)


  • PGY-1 - $52,806
  • PGY-2 - $53,328
  • PGY-3 - $54,374
  • PGY-4 - $55,420
  • PGY-5 - $56,465
  • PGY-6 - $57,511
  • PGY-7 - $58,557
  • PGY-8 - $59,602


Paid Time Off 

House Staff receive 25 paid days of time off each year.  There are 15 days of vacation, 8 paid holidays, and in some programs, 5 work days off over either the Christmas or New Year’s time period. 

Hospital Benefits 

The insurance program for House Staff permits associates to select the benefits desired.  Costs are shared by the resident and the hospital.  Health insurance benefits commence from the first day of employment.  Hospital associates can supplement benefits with pretax dollars to purchase additional benefits.  Benefits include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Associate Pharmacy on site
  • Basic Term Life Insurance
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Tax Sheltered Annuity Savings (403B) and Retirement Plan
  • Comprehensive Legal Plan
  • Malpractice Insurance and Short Term Disability are provided to all associates at no cost

Additional Benefits 

Free parking; in-hospital free Fitness Center; on-site Children's Day Care Center; and discounted entertainment tickets, childcare, apartments, automotive needs, restaurants and other services.

Funding provided for approved international/underserved mission trips.

House Staff Special Benefits 

Resident/Fellow Choice Spending accounts can be used for reimbursement of costs associated with your education. This can include expenses such as books, journals, professional membership fees, computers, educational software, conferences, on-call meals, moving expenses and other expenses approved by the Program Director.

  • PGY-1 - $1,000
  • PGY-2 - $1,400
  • PGY-3 - $1,500
  • PGY-4-7 - $1,600

Sample Contract

For your convenience, please feel free to review a sample copy of the Internship/Residency/Fellowship Program Agreement

Other Employment Information

2015 Orientation Dates

Interns: TBA

Fellows: TBA

Upon request, a resident policy handbook will be provided.

Interns should be aware that the State of Indiana requires passage of Step 1, Step CK and CS (or COMLEX equivalents) for medical licensure. Failure to complete these steps could negatively impact your match prospects. Please let the St.Vincent Program Director know if you feel you will be unable to accomplish prior to the NRMP rank list deadline.