MitraClip: An Innovative Option for a Common Heart Valve Condition

St.Vincent Valve Center of Excellence is the only center within Indiana providing relief from mitral valve regurgitation with the MitraClip.

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Fatigue, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, a cough when you lie down — these signs and symptoms of mitral valve regurgitation can be scary, especially if it worsens over time and your heart can’t pump enough blood to meet your body’s needs.

Mitral regurgitation, a condition that prevents the mitral valve from closing completely, is the most common type of heart valve insufficiency in the United States and Europe. It affects millions of people worldwide.

Traditionally, mitral regurgitation requires open heart surgery. However, only about 20 percent of patients diagnosed with mitral regurgitation undergo surgery. Those who don’t get surgery may have too many risk factors to tolerate open heart surgery and the long recovery period that follows.

A less invasive option uses the MitraClipTM for transcatheter valve repair — offering hope to patients who have severe symptoms but who aren’t candidates for open heart surgery. Your heart team will use a catheter to clip the leaflets of the mitral valve together to reduce regurgitation.

MitraClip™ is the first commercially available treatment option approved in the U.S. for minimally invasive mitral valve repair. The St.Vincent Heart Center started offering MitraClip® therapy in 2005 as part of clinical trials. Today we are the only Indiana hospital to offer this FDA-approved, life-saving device.

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