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From television show and movies, we know what a heart attack looks like: a sharp, shooting pain in your arm travels to your chest and has you collapsing on the floor within seconds. However, the truth of the matter is, heart attacks don’t exactly look or feel like that for women.

While the most common presentation of coronary disease in both sexes is chest pain and discomfort, cardiologist Dr. Emily Ruden of the St.Vincent Medical Group in Carmel, says women show different symptoms from men, as theirs are more atypical than what their male counterparts present.

Fellow cardiologist, Dr. Ashley Funk with the St.Vincent Medical Group adds that the incidence of coronary heart disease in women lags behind by 10 years compared to men, as women are generally older when they have their first event. Moreover, they usually have more health issues at the time of a heart attack, leading to complications like diabetes, heart failure, high blood pressure and kidney problems.

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