St. Vincent ED Physician Listed as Top LinkedIn Writer for the Second Consecutive Year

For the second consecutive year, emergency medicine physician Louis Profeta, MD, has been ranked by LinkedIn as its top writer for 2016. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional online network with more than 400 million members in 200 countries and territories around the world.

Each week, LinkedIn writers circulate more than 160,000 articles. LinkedIn editors reviewed the submissions, considering reader engagement and follower growth. The writers covered diverse topics as global public health crises, advancements in drug development, and how technology is transforming every field of medicine.

According to LinkedIn, the articles included a healthcare industry at a crossroads, one that is under pressure from shrinking reimbursement, an aging patient population that is also savvier and more informed than ever before, and the uncertain future of the Affordable Care Act. Writers wrote about their personal experiences as patients and about the challenges facing doctors and nurses in developing countries.

They explored sensitive topics like end-of-life care and offered a compelling vision of how technology will allow us to grow organs, simplify risky surgeries and allow doctors to treat patients based on their unique genetic makeup.
Dr. Profeta writes about life in the emergency room, from asking veterans about their war experiences to facing the pride of practicing medicine. “I write about the world and the changing tides of life as I see it through the eyes of an emergency physician,” Dr. Profeta told LinkedIn.

He’s most proud of his article, "I know you love me now let me die," about how less is more when it comes to end-of-life care. “Outside of being a father, it may just be the most important thing I have and will ever do in my life,” Dr. Profeta said to LinkedIn, adding that thousands of readers commented on the post or reached out through personal emails.

Some thanked him for allowing them to let go of the guilt they felt about not doing more to prolong their loved ones’ lives. Others, in the throes of terminal illness, felt that they had a way to begin difficult discussions with their own family and friends.

Dr. Profeta often considers ideas for posts while riding his lawnmower. But he draws inspiration directly from the ER. “It is the only place in all the world where every single facet of the human experience comes together,” he said. “From the rich to the poor, old, young, sane, crazy, powerful, desperate, tragic, elated and on and on, they all come here. It's magical.”