Tuition and Fees


* This website pertains to August 2017 enrollment *

 * Tuition and fees paid to the St. Vincent College of Health Professions Radiography Program are below.

  • Tuition:  $6000
  • Binders and Materials:  $205 
  • Total Direct Expenses: $6205

Tuition and fees are paid per semester by the last business day of the first week of the semester unless a financial hardship payment plan has been requested by the student and approved by the program director. Tuition must be paid by certified check, cashier’s check or credit card. Personal checks or cash will not be accepted. 

Accepted students will be required to pay a deposit of $700 by the date established in the student's acceptance letter to reserve their place in the program. This deposit will be deducted from the remaining tuition balance for the first semester. The $700 deposit is fully refundable if the student chooses to decline their acceptance and a written request is made to the respective program director within three (3) business days from the date the Enrollment Agreement is signed by the student. 


Tuition (excluding textbook, materials and other fees) refunds are made for voluntary student withdrawal from the program.  Upon the student’s written request, a refund will be made on the basis of a percentage of the tuition payment.  The semester refund schedule is as follows: 

  1.  100% of the semester tuition (minus $100 of the enrollment deposit) is refunded if the withdrawal is before the first day of class of the semester. 
  2.  50% of the semester tuition is refunded if the withdrawal is by the last business day of the second week of the semester.  
  3.  No refund is made if the withdrawal is after the second week of the semester. 

To be eligible for a refund, the student must meet the following conditions and follow the procedure below.

  1. The withdrawal notice must be in writing to the student's respective Program Director. The withdrawal notice must be dated and signed by the student.
  2. The refund is determined based on the date of withdrawal, not the date of last attendance. The withdrawal date cannot precede the date of last attendance.
    1. The withdrawal date is the date indicated on the student's withdrawal notice.
    2. The last day of attendance will be the last day the student had any on-site, academically-related activity. This includes attending class, attending clinicals / externships, completing written or practical examinations or participating in any program-sanctioned activity.
  3. Only tuition is refunded. The College will retain other fees paid. 


 Additional fees (not paid to the College or programs): 

  • Textbooks:  $420**
  • CPR: up to $100
  • Uniforms:  $100 - $150** 
  • Certifying Exam:    $200*** 
  • State License:  $60***   

 ** Estimated cost; subject to vendor charges
*** Current cost; subject to agency fee changes 


 Financial Aid  

The College does not participate in Title IV federal student aid (FASFA) programs and as a result students may not be able to have their student loans deferred. Students should contact the financial aid office of the college through which the loan was processed to discuss their options.

College programs are approved by the Indiana State Department of Veterans Affairs under Title 38, US Code 3676 for G.I. Bill funding. Eligible enrolled students may obtain financial assistance to cover College fees through this provision. Interested candidates should contact the Program Director for more information. While the College will work with any third-party payer, it is the student’s responsibility to secure adequate funding sources.