Student Testimonials

Many St.Vincent rotations are ranked as outstanding. Here are a few comments from participating students:

  • "I found the staff, including the physicians and nurses, very helpful in acquainting the students to the routine in the emergency department. The staff was always willing to answer questions, teach, and provide advice. In addition, I found the nursing staff very friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help in any way that they could. I appreciated the freedom that we were allowed when it came to taking ownership of patients and being a part of the decision making process for the patient's management." -- Emergency Medicine Clerkship Student
  • "Definitely would recommend rotation. Enjoyed experience, gave useful clinical context to information learned during 4th year." -- MS4 Cardiology Student
  • "Wonderful way to narrow in on specialties, reinforce concepts that med students learn in class." -- MS4 Internal Medicine Student
  • "Enjoyed autonomy in patient care. I am now more confident in explaining plan and describing procedures to patients and their families." -- MS3 Surgery Student
  • "I enjoyed being more involved in patient are and part of the clinical decision making." -- MS4 Student