Women's Hospital (OB)

St. Vincent Women's Hospital is the largest free-standing hospital in central Indiana devoted exclusively to health care for women of all ages. At St Vincent Women’s Hospital, women and their families experience patient-centered care within a healing environment that is focused on caring for the entire patient—body, mind and spirit. We offer comprehensive obstetric and nursery care for mother and baby, including services for high risk (complicated) pregnancies and at-risk (sick) newborns. St. Vincent is the number one consumer preferred hospital for obstetrics and delivers more babies than any other hospital in the state of Indiana.

Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) -

  • The largest NICU networks in the state of Indiana, with locations at St. Vincent Carmel, and St. Vincent Women's Indianapolis. Last year there were 180 NICU transports provided by either ground ambulance or St. Vincent StatFlight. Both transports are equipped with electronic fetal monitors and are led by a multidisciplinary team consisting of a neonatologist, highly-skilled transport nurses and a respiratory therapist.
  • Neonatologist staff on-site 24/7, with 25 neonatologists working closely with our team of 8 neonatal nurse practitioners and 11 nursery hospitalists who work closely with our skilled newborn ICU nurses.
  • Comprehensive neonatal services including a cardiothoracic surgeon, ECMO capability, State-of-the-art neonatal surgery suite at St. Vincent Women's Hospital and a full complement of pediatric sub-specialties.
  • The only Level 3/4 NICU and Perinatal Center in one facility in the state of Indiana.
  • Family-centered model of patient care in units specially designed to support the growth and development of newborns.

High Risk OB Unit - a 26-bed unit

The High Risk Unit at St. Vincent Women's Hospital recently received the designation from The Joint Commission as a TRUE Center of Excellence for High Risk Obstetrics. We were the second hospital in the country to receive this designation.

The high risk unit provides a holistic approach to antepartal, intrapartal, and postpartum care for patients experiencing medical complications related to pregnancy, and is staffed with a medical team that includes:

  • Five board certified and perinatologists
  • St. Vincent's StatFlight and StatGround medical transport services provide critical care transport service for maternity and at-risk newborn patients.
  • Ten certified ultrasonographers (RDMS/AIUM)
  • General Obstetricians
  • Labor and delivery nurses
  • Ancillary support services
  • Last year there were over 357 maternal transfers for high-risk patients by either ground ambulance or St. Vincent StatFlight.

St. Vincent Center for Prenatal Diagnosis and Maternal Fetal Medicine & Genetics Center

  • Two full-service perinatal centers within our hospital
  • Five board-certified and maternal fetal medicine physicians
  • Our specialists are now regularly performing minimally invasive trans-abdominal cerclages with the daVinci® surgical robot.

Offers the following:

  • Perinatal diagnostic testing
  • Genetic counseling
  • Targeted ultrasounds
  • High-Risk pregnancy management
  • Board certified medical geneticist available, three genetic counselors
  • Cancer risk assessment program

Labor and Delivery Rooms - 16 LDR’s

Because a comfortable environment -- as well as the most advanced technology -- are important to the birthing process, our 16 labor/delivery/recovery rooms (LDR’s) provide relaxing surroundings and innovative care.

Family Care Unit - 48 Private Postpartum

Following recovery in labor and delivery, Mom and baby will be escorted to the Family Care Unit.

St. Vincent Maternal and Neonatal Transport - 2 units

  • State-of-the-art Neonatal/Pediatric Transport
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • A neonatologist, registered nurse and respiratory therapist go on every neonatal transport
  • A high-risk nurse is present on every maternal transport and monitors the fetus for the duration of the transport

Integrative Therapy

St. Vincent Women’s made a commitment to providing holistic patient focused and patient driven care following the guidelines provided by Planetree. St Vincent Foundation grants provided the funding for several initiatives. These include the Aromatherapy essential oils, books and supplies; tubs for mothers choosing to labor in the comfort of water; self directed biofeedback programs: guided imagery programs for Skylight TV; birthing balls for each Labor room and computers for family use in 2nd and 3rd floor family lounges. Patients have expressed their appreciation of the positive impact using Integrative Therapy has had on the care they received at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital.

Monogram Maternity at St. Vincent Women's Hospital is a unique, personalized approach to childbirth and was developed with your needs in mind. When you create a Monogram Maternity account, you will begin to receive weekly e-mail updates and health information personalized to your week of pregnancy. We also offer a variety of pregnancy-related information, and a listing of our childbirth education classes on our Web site. Throughout your pregnancy, a Nurse Navigator is available to answer your questions, and address your concerns by phone or e-mail. Call or e-mail to schedule an appointment with a Nurse Navigator around your 36th week of pregnancy to discuss your labor support options, create a birth care plan, learn about our Integrative Therapy offerings, sample our aromatherapy oils, and much more.