Patient Bill of Rights

Research Patient Bill of Rights

I have been asked to participate in a research study.  Before I make a decision on whether or not I want to participate in this study, I have the right:

  1. To be told the reason why this study is being done.
  2. To be told how the study will be done and what kind of medication or device will be used
  3. To know the different types of side effects to expect from my participation in the study.
  4. To know what benefits I will receive from my participation in this study.
  5. To be told what other treatment is available for me, including the risks and benefits.
  6. To be told what other treatments are available to me after the study has been completed.
  7. To be given an opportunity to ask any questions concerning the medical experiment or the procedures involved.
  8. To stop the study at any time and know I will continue to receive good care.
  9. To receive a copy of the patient rights and the signed and dated informed consent form.
  10. To make up my mind about being part of the study without feeling forced to participate.