Research Staff Directory

Research and Regulatory Affairs Staff Directory

Telephone: 317-338-2194
Fax: 317-338-3058

Tina Noonan, MBA, CHRC, CIP Director, Research and Regulatory Affairs   317-338-6705
PT Hodgin, MD, MPH Co-Medical Director/ IRB Chair   317-338-2359
Eric Prystowsky, MD Co-Medical Director/ IRB Chair   317-338-6024
Patti Noblet, RN, CCRP Clinical Research Operations Manager   317-338-2535
Sandy Love, RN, CCRP Clinical Research Auditor   317-338-2576
Jeanne Lewis, CIM Clinical Research Billing Manager   317-338-6741
Jennifer Kessinger, CIM IRB Coordinator   317-338-3420
Marissa Swanson, CIM IRB Coordinator   317-338-2140
Adrian Katschke, MS Biostatistician   317-338-8069
Todd Foster, Ph.D Research Scientist   317-338-8068
Isaac Janson, Ph.D. Research Scientist (Neurosciences)   317-338-9930
Thom Parks Research Data Analyst   317-338-9514