Cancer Treatment

The Cancer Center knows that cancer is more than a medical concern. It affects the whole person, alters lifestyles and drains energy from everyone affected.

Our approach to cancer care focuses on the needs of the body, mind and spirit for patients and their loved ones. We're dedicated to providing the best care – as early and effectively as possible – in the true "spirit of caring."

Our cancer treatment programs include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and bio-targeted therapy.

Letter of Thanks

Following a mammogram in April, I was informed of the results contained in a pathology report. There is no way to describe the anxiety I experienced when I learned it contained “abnormalities,” “calcifications,” and MOST shockingly, the “C” word.

The first step in this new and scary chapter in my (previously healthy) life was a visit with Dr. Brian Eddy, a very patient, thorough, pleasant and knowledgeable oncologist. He spoke with respect and confidence about a surgeon named Kahlil Wakim, which whom I also made an appointment. My consultation with Dr. Wakim not only eroded my anxiety, but also instilled HIS confidence in me that the outcome of his surgery with mandatory follow-up procedures and treatment (radiation) would be positive – which it is.

The reason for this letter is NOT to inform everyone in town all about my operation, but FARMORE IMPORTANTLY, to share my remedial experience – physically and emotionally – with gratitude and appreciation to ALL components of the entire Cancer Center Team, who in their patience, gentleness, knowledge and expertise worked together (and with ME) to heal mentally, as well as physically.

If there is anyone “on the brink” of an emotionally harrowing “C” word “breaking news” experience similar to mine, I encourage you to acquaint yourself with the Team of Professionals at Saint John’s, as I did. I assure you they will exceed your prayers and expectations with their professional medical skills, courtesy, kindness and comfort – in ALL forms!

The “finale” of all these skills and courtesies was when I was asked (after only the second day of radiation), “What kind and flavor of cake would you enjoy at your celebration party and the end of treatment?”

I must conclude the above with the BONUS blessing: my caring friends and neighbors “stood by” – just in case. My gratitude to them, too!

Sincerely, Anne M. Rogers