Organ and Tissue Donation

St.Vincent Anderson Regional understands the donation of organs and tissues is more than just a selfless personal choice. It is an issue of public health. These gifts represent a real chance for saving lives and restoring health to the tens of thousands of patients who wait for a transplant. Indiana patients can declare their decision to offer the gift of life to others at the time of their death, using their driver’s license or through a donor registry.

The hospital works with health care professionals who specialize in organ, tissue, and eye donation to support this life-giving opportunity. When appropriate, patients are evaluated for the potential to be donors. Should it become a medical option, the hospital’s care teams, physicians and the donation organizations will work to explain the patient’s condition, treatment, prognosis, and the organ or tissue donation process with the patient’s family.

Information about a patient’s decision is obtained from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle records, or from the Donate Life Indiana Donor Registry. This will be shared at the appropriate time during the discussion. The family is afforded as much time as needed to understand their loved one’s care and ensure that all questions are answered.

Indiana Donor Registry

Our donor team encourages you to make a personal decision to donate life. You can register your donation decision by visiting Donate Life Indiana.

Donors can also send personalized emails to family and friends to share their decision to donate, and invite others to do the same.