Our Approach to Care

State-of-the-Art Accommodations

Our accomodations include:

  • 16 dedicated, extra-large rooms. Your family and friends are promised a very comfortable stay with a pull-out bed in every room. 
  • From the comfort of your own bed, you can browse the Internet, watch movies and local television programming on a 42" flat screen TV.
  • SkyLight Alert System: Gives you access to education regarding your procedure/diagnosis on your TV. And you can immediately notify management regarding any concerns you may have.

A Team Approach to Your Care

From the moment you select St.Vincent Carmel Hospital for your bone care, we begin our multidisciplinary team approach to ensure all of your needs will be met.

Hospitalist Service 24/7

Doctor examining X-Ray while he talks on the phone

A hospitalist is a person who specializes in treating patients who will need/have been admitted to the hospital.

Our hospitalist ensures that every non-orthopedic medical condition you may have will be monitored and treated as needed, while our orthopedic surgeons focus on your bone health.

This includes an assessment of all your current medications as well as a complete assessment at our Surgery Evaluation Center to ensure that you are physically ready for your planned procedure.


Closeup of caregiver hand putting medication in elderly person's hand

Anticoagulation therapy (blood therapy) is usually ordered for our total joint replacement patients. Our pharmacists work with your orthopedic surgeon to closely monitor the treatment.

Pharmacists will continue to help you monitor this from home for a full week after your surgery.

Physical Therapy

Returning movement to normal as quickly as possible after a procedure is very important for a thorough and speedy recovery.

Rehab staff person with hand on patient's leg during rehab exercise

Our physical therapy team is on site and ready to assist. The team collaborates with the nursing staff to develop a customized plan of care for each patient. We keep you safe but keep you moving!

Discharge Planning

We anticipate your needs well before your discharge. Therefore, our discharge planners will help you choose the next level of care you may need.

Whether it's going home or getting extra rehabilitation, we involve you in the plan to meet you/your loved one's need to provide the best recovery possible.