Surgical Evaluation Center

Prior to your procedure, you will have an appointment at the Surgical Evaluation Center (SEC) unless your surgeon determines that it is unnecessary. The SEC is located in Suite 173 and is most easily accessible from Entrance 4. The SEC evaluates, educates and prepares your family for a safe and successful surgery. At this appointment, a thorough medical history will be gathered, and you will receive instructions for preparing for your visit. Some patients will have lab work and other diagnostic testing completed before their visit to the SEC; however, you can expect to have some testing done during your visit to St.Vincent Carmel’s SEC. If you already have results from recent tests, please bring them with you.

We ask that you bring all medications that you are taking in their original bottles. This includes prescription medications from all physicians you may see, any over-the-counter medications you take regularly and any supplements that you take. You will be instructed on which of these you may or may not take prior to your surgery.

You also will need to bring:

If you have questions about your upcoming surgery, please bring them to this appointment.

If you need language services, please let us know at this appointment.