St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana offers a wide range of imaging services at both our 106th & North Meridian and 86th Street locations. Our 106th & North Meridian location in particular features advanced diagnostic capabilities for a full range of cardiovascular issues and for non-cardiovascular testing as well. Imaging services include:

Cardiac MRI: St.Vincent Heart Center has one of the premier cardiac MRI programs in the U.S. Cardiac MRI helps physicians better evaluate patients with complex cardiac conditions by providing more accurate, precise, and detailed diagnostic information. Today, it has become the preferred imaging service for patients with heart failure, heart attack, and coronary artery disease.

Cardiac CTA: Cardiac CTA is a test that provides physicians with a non-invasive method of identifying coronary artery disease, as well as other cardiovascular conditions.

Vascular CTA/MRA: Vascular CTA/MRA is a three-dimensional imaging system that has changed the approach to evaluating patients with peripheral arterial disease. Because of its advanced technology, many patients are able to forgo a number of more invasive diagnostic procedures.

HeartScan: Our 64-slice CT scanner can help reveal early warning signs of heart disease.For men over 35 or women over 40, getting a HeartScan is a great safeguard for good health. To schedule a self-referred $49 HeartScan, call (866) 432-4457.

Electrocardiography: Electrocardiography includes a full range of services, such as Doppler imaging, treadmill and dobutamine stress testing, strain-rate imaging, and left ventricular dyssynchrony evaluation. The interpreting physicians and technicians are among the best-trained, most-experienced electrocardiographers in the Midwest.

Nuclear perfusion imaging: Nuclear perfusion imaging provides physicians with important diagnostic and prognostic information for patients being evaluated for chest pain.

Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology is a sub-specialty of radiology that uses imaging equipment to guide interventional radiologists as they perform minimally invasive procedures.
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St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana also makes it easy for primary care physicians to work with us. We’ve developed systems that allow our physicians to view images no matter where they are—and to send images to primary care doctors via secure e-mail transmission.

To schedule any of these tests, please have your doctor contact us to reserve an appointment time. Prior to scheduling your appointment, your physician’s office may need to contact your insurance provider to clarify the need for pre-certification. For further information, please contact us at 317-583-5151.