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St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana partners with vascular surgeons from VeinSolutions, a part of St.Vincent Medical Group. VeinSolutions is a specialty vein clinic whose physicians are leaders in cosmetic and therapeutic vein care. VeinSolutions specialists have been specifically educated and trained to assess, diagnose, educate and treat patients with venous problems.

Not all vein disorders are cosmetic. In fact, some can cause significant medical problems. Regardless of their severity, VeinSoultions treats all vein problems thoroughly, helping each patient understand his or her condition. Instead of simply treating the symptoms, VeinSolutions treats the source of the condition for a long-term solution to each vein problem.

Some of the most common conditions we treat are varicose veins and spider veins.

Varicose Veins

Veins that work properly return blood to the heart for reoxygenization. But when their valves fail, leak or become damaged, some of that blood can flow backward and pool within the vein. This pooling can cause veins to distend, causing pain, burning, itching and even fatigue. Left untreated, some varicose veins can cause serious health issues, such as venous leg ulcers, skin discoloration or blood clots.

Spider Veins

Spider veins are threadlike and wispy in appearance and are seen close to the skin’s surface. They can be red or purple in color, while reticular veins (“feeder” veins) may be bluish-green with a marbled appearance. Spider veins and reticular veins are generally considered a cosmetic condition.

Vein Treatment

Unlike many clinics, VeinSolutions offers more than just one type of treatment. Offering several types of treatment allows us to tailor a plan that addresses the unique vein problems facing each individual patient. These treatments include:

  • Duplex Ultrasound Scan: provides a visual of diseased, refluxing veins beneath the skin’s surface, allowing us to customize a treatment plan
  • Sclerotherapy: an FDA-approved solution is injected into a spider vein, causing the vein walls to stick together so that the vein is ultimately absorbed into the body
  • Radio Frequency Ablation (VNUS Closure): treats larger varicose veins by applying radiofrequency energy and heat to the inside vein walls, causing the walls to shrink and the vein to close
  • Compression Hose Therapy: a treatment alternative that uses compression stockings to help support weakened veins, helping a patient to lead a pain-free lifestyle
  • Laser/Light Therapy: treats spider veins on the face and trunk, as well as vascular birthmarks without damaging the skin

Our specialists at VeinSolutions do more than just treat vein problems. They solve them. To learn more, visit To schedule an appointment at VeinSolutions, call 317-582-7676.