Professional Practice and Behaviors

"How We Know"

In patient centered delivery care at St.Vincent, nurses are empowered to coordinate care among an interdisciplinary team. Patient care delivery systems are designed to give the nurses, while practicing within their defined scope, responsibility, authority, and accountability for patient coordination throughout the hospital stay. Successful patient care delivery systems ensure the available resources are allocated and utilized appropriately while tailoring care to address patient needs.

Nurses at St.Vincent serve as patient advocates and recognize each patient as an individual, treating each with respect and dignity. Assessment skills and critical thinking serve as the foundation for individualized patient care planning which includes patient and family education. Acknowledging the changing needs of every patient and striving to achieve optimal outcomes results in extraordinary care.

Nurses who practice at a higher level approach their work with a positive attitude, are creative in their thinking, and can adapt as necessary in order to provide the best patient care. Nurses are empowered to develop autonomy to make decisions within their scope of practice that will benefit the patient and/or the hospital. Nursing care is continuously improving based on evidence, best practice and national benchmarking.

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is a component of Professional Practice and Behaviors. The St.Vincent “6A’s of EBP” was developed to facilitate the understanding of the EBP process. The “6 A’s” correlate with the steps based in the Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice. Incorporating best evidence into nursing practice rather than relying on tradition improves patient outcomes and empowers the nurse to change practice. Nurses are introduced to this evidence based practice model during St.Vincent’s Nursing Fundamentals orientation. A formal EBP internship is also available. Nurses participating in the internship program are given the tools to move through the EBP process and influence change. All St.Vincent nurses have the opportunity to impact nursing practice through quality improvement initiatives and research.

Another supportive initiative for Professional Practice is shared governance. Involving all levels of nursing in decisions that impact our practice provides an avenue for nurses to have a voice in decisions that directly affect nursing practice, operations, the work environment and patient care. Reflecting the core value of reverence, individual input is valued.

Professional behaviors allow us to take ownership of our practice. Respect is earned by sharing knowledge and discussing patient care issues with other health care providers in a professional, competent manner. Nurses at St.Vincent incorporate the ANA Code of Ethics with core values to provide extraordinary care.

Evidence Based Practice/Nursing Research

The St.Vincent Evidence-Based Practice program links to the Nursing at a Higher Level Professional Practice Model (PPM) in the Professional Practice and Behaviors component. The purpose of the program is to assist nurses in learning the process of incorporating the most up-to-date evidence in their daily practice. This two phase program takes the participants through the St.Vincent 6 A’s of EBP. The 4 month Phase I program builds foundational skills for EBP and teaches participants how to: Ask the question, Acquire the literature, and Appraise the literature.The 8 month Phase II internship program teaches participants how to: Apply the change, Assess the outcomes and Assimilate the change into practice. In the internship program, a best practice change is implemented into daily practice and/or original research is conducted.

Share Govenance

  • Nursing associates will be accountable for professional nursing practice, quality/safety, and professional development
  • Create a culture at St.Vincent where decisions are shared by leadership and nursing associates as a method for professional growth and to foster professional autonomy and the positive image of professional nursing
  • Enhance collaborative efforts, relationships, and communication between all nursing associates and all multi-disciplinary teams involved in patient care and department activities
  • Enhance the quality of professional nursing practice and establish evidence-based practice standards
  • Create a culture at St.Vincent where clinical decisions are made as close to the work as possible
  • Foster an environment that facilitates the integration of core values into all decision-making processes
  • Periodically review the shared governance structure to foster continuous improvement
  • Define and communicate the shared governance model and council structure
  • Provide a common language surrounding shared decision-making
  • Celebrate the unique and individual characteristics of associates and foster team identity
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Critical Care Nursing

Critical Care Nursing Video

Nursing Portal

The Nursing Portal began in 2005 and continues today as a unique internal Web site. The intent of the portal is to provide a site for Nurses to access resources needed to accomplish daily tasks and provide a support to take “Nursing to a Higher Level”. There are several principals the Nursing Portal operate under. These principals in no certain order of importance include:

  • The focus is on helping the Nurses at St.Vincent provide consistent safe, effective, quality and compassionate care to our patients.
  • The Nursing Portal is a tool for Nurses and Clinicians to enhance their performance.
  • The Nursing Portal is authored by St.Vincent Nurses and Clinicians.
  • Representation by direct caregivers is essential.
  • The Nursing Portal serves as a repository of shared information and stories.
  • The portal is a one stop shop for Nursing information.
  • Ease of use of the Nursing Portal is a priority.
  • Navigation of the Nursing Portal is based on the St.Vincent Indianapolis Professional Practice Model.
  • The portal follows the best practice four click rule (four clicks to obtain the information you are seeking).
  • Relevancy of the content to clinical associates is a key consideration.
  • Lightning speed response to an end user request or need.
  • All content is current and evidence based.
  • Leading the way for others in an innovative approach to performance support and enhancement.
  • Access on or off campus 24 - 7.
  • Creative and evolving honoring our Core Value of Creativity.
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