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St.Vincent Indianapolis is proud to be actively engaged in the community!

St.Vincent Indianapolis vows to provide “Healthcare That Leaves No One Behind.” This is not a hollow promise. For more than 128 years, our Catholic health ministry has been caring for the needs of individuals – body, mind and spirit. This is achieved through the work of our dedicated associates, physicians and countless community collaborators.

Health awareness and prevention are core to the community outreach of the hospital. Our commitment to caring is infused in community-related activities, including programs that are educational, informative, and make a positive impact on area residents. Some of these programs impact health directly while others affect health indirectly by improving quality of life.

Our community events and programs are divided into these key areas:

Programs we participate in are not sponsored by a single department or division, but engage St.Vincent Indianapolis associates and clinicians.

Classes offered
through St.Vincent Health

One of our many missions at St.Vincent Health is to provide information and education designed to promote health and wellness to our patients and throughout our community.

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Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health
Needs Assessment

St.Vincent conducts Community Health Needs Assessments as part of a tradition of engaging in community health initiatives and strategic planning.

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Community Benefits Report

Community Benefit Report

Check out our Community Benefit Reports to see how St.Vincent has served your community through the programs and donations they have provided.

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Mission and Core Values

Mission and Core Values

St.Vincent Health is dedicated to spiritually centered, holistic care, which sustains and improves the health of individuals and communities.

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