Cancer Survivorship


“I am a cancer survivor.” Each person claims this statement differently. For some is after surgery or at the end of treatment. Others wait until the five-year “all clear” mark. According to the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, the term cancer survivor refers to people from the time of diagnosis and for the balance of life.

At St.Vincent Cancer Care, survivorship is not an event. It is a process along the healing continuum. We offer support and care for survivors and their loved ones, also known as co-survivors, at any point along the journey.

A recent survey showed that 100 percent of support group attendees reported feeling less lonely and more knowledgeable about cancer because they attended a support group. Support groups can help improve coping skills, decrease stress, help one feel less isolated and find meaning in the cancer experience by meeting with people facing a similar situation.

St.Vincent Cancer Care offers free psychosocial programs including weekly support groups for patients and caregivers, art therapy, and various educational programs to help educate and teach new coping skills. For a complete list of programs, please see our calendar here or contact Julie Smith, MSW, LCSW at (317) 338-3551 or