Telehealth Monitoring

St.Vincent Home Health offers daily home monitoring of vital systems seven days per week. The small, unobtrusive device records weight, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, pulse and oxygen saturation, at times convenient for you.


Consider Telehealth for patients with:

  • CHF / heart failure
  • COPD
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Co-morbidities and patients with frequent visits to the hospital or emergency room
  • Post-cardiac surgery


Phillips in-home monitoring devices help patients take a more active role in their health and stay connected to their healthcare providers.

  • Patients will be monitored daily by a trained Home Health clinician
  • Regular monitoring allows for earlier intervention to avoid re-hospitalization and ER visits
  • Telehealth leads to better clinical outcomes and reduced healthcare costs
  • Reduction in heart failure readmissions when part of a disease management program

For more information about the Telehealth program, call St.Vincent Home Health at 317-338-HOME (4663).