Home Care Hospice

Most patients and families seek hospice care in their homes. A primary caregiver (family member or other) cares for these patients with the assistance of our hospice team. Individuals residing in extended care facilities, such as nursing homes or assisted-living apartments, may also receive Hospice Home Care services.


Our staff members visit the home or extended care facility regularly to assess, teach and counsel, as well as to implement and direct the hospice plan of care.

During our initial visit, we will assess the patient's needs and provide the supplies and equipment needed for hospice care. These supplies might include hospital beds, wheelchairs, or oxygen.

We also provide the medications needed for comfort and symptom management related to the patient's diagnosis.

Inpatient Care

If the patient at home has increased medical needs for acute symptom management, continuous care may be available at home for a limited time or the patient may be transferred to the hospice inpatient unit. In addition, respite stays are available when the caregiver is in need of relief from 24-hour care responsibilities for a brief time.