Financial Concerns

Financial concerns add additional pressure to any situation. They can be a result of a variety of things:

  • No insurance or your coverage for mental health problems is so low that it is not useful to you.
  • Money is already scarce.
  • Undertaking a short course of therapy seems like it will add to the strain.

Many organizations offer a reduced payment scale for individuals struggling financially. Others offer payment plans spread out over a period of several months or even years. Others use a "sliding fee scale" that sets the fee after income is taken into consideration. Still other agencies receive community or grant funding that allows them to provide service at sharply reduced rates.

Financial Services Representative

A Stress Center Patient Financial Services Representative is always available to discuss any financial hardship with you and to create financial options for you and your family.

In the event of a true emergency, such as a suicide gesture or a mental disorder that is life threatening, you may always access help at an Emergency Room.

Federal guidelines compel any hospital that accepts Medicare to render emergency assistance whether or not you have the ability to pay. You may have to pay later, but do not let concerns about payment stop you when someone's life or health may be in danger!