Voice Rehabilitation Therapy

Imagine not being able to speak for yourself, having vocal problems that interfere with speech or threaten your livelihood. From children with birth defects to patients whose larynx has been removed or elderly patients with chronic hoarseness, St.Vincent has the specialists and the expertise to help patients with diverse vocal problems.

Voice Evaluation

A voice evaluation consists of acoustic analysis of the patient’s voice using Visi-Pitch III software and an indepth case history of the patient’s vocal habits. Objective baseline measures of pitch, loudness, hoarseness and breath support are obtained. These results, along with videostroboscopy, help specialists determine the appropriate treatment and provide a baseline against which progress can be assessed.


Videostroboscopy is state-of-the-art technology that facilitates the identification of various vocal cord conditions and abnormalities invisible to the naked eye. An endoscope is placed in the mouth or inserted through the nose into the throat. A tiny camera attached to the endoscope enables the speech pathologist to record vocal cord movement and vibration.

The stroboscope performs slow-motion photography of vocal cord vibration while the patient speaks. This technology enables the examiner to develop precise treatment strategies when an abnormality is observed. Previous photographs can be immediately accessed for comparison to help determine the progression of the problem. St.Vincent has the most current equipment available, including digital videostroboscopy, which greatly enhances the diagnostic process.


Voice Therapy

We provide individualized voice therapy for patients ranging from elementary school children with vocal nodules to college students and professional singers to elderly individuals experiencing symptoms of bowed vocal folds. Voice therapy can help patients learn new ways to speak, overcoming vocal problems.

Professional Voice Therapy

Indianapolis is home to a wide variety of people who use their voices professionally, including singers, teachers and students of singing, preachers, radio announcers, classroom teachers, actors and actresses, and auctioneers. These professionals need to be evaluated with the goal of achieving “optimal” rather than “normal” vocal function. St.Vincent is looking forward to continuing a long and productive association with the voice professionals of Indianapolis, as well as increasing treatment options for this diverse group.


Beginning with pre-surgical counseling, and continuing long after they have learned how to use their new method of voicing, St.Vincent guides laryngectomees and their families through this challenging time as they learn to re-establish communication.

VCD (Vocal Cord Dysfunction) Clinic

We use a proven multi-disciplinary approach to the problem of vocal cord dysfunction in both athletics and non-athletic individuals. Out patients are evaluated by a diagnostic team comprised of a medical doctor board certified in sports medicine, a respiratory therapist and a speech language pathologist. The team evaluates results promptly and establishes therapy procedures and goals. Each member of the team works individually with the patient.

VPI Evaluation

Velopharyngeal Insufficiency is a problem often encountered in children born with cleft palates and individuals who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. St.Vincent offers thorough analysis to assist the physician in determining the best approach in treating this difficult problem. A standardized protocol based on research conducted in Indianapolis provides essential information regarding the functional capabilities and the therapeutic options available.

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