Surgery Team

The medical surgical team at St.Vincent Indianapolis is made up of many dedicated staff members including a circulator, a scrub nurse/technologist, an anesthesiologist, a team care specialist, nurses and doctors. In addition, a chaplain is always available to provide for your spiritual and emotional needs.

Surgery Staff Roles


A registered nurse who provides direct patient care in the operating room. Circulators are not "scrubbed in" but assist on the periphery, providing needed supplies and equipment, assisting anesthesia and monitoring the safety of the patient. This person is responsible for the instrument and sponge count, the patient's chart, forwarding specimens to the lab or requesting lab work as required during the procedure.


A registered nurse or a certified surgical technologist who assists the surgeon during the procedure, keeps an accurate count of instruments, sponges and needles and closely monitors the sterility of the procedure.


A specially trained physician who administers any required anesthesia. An anesthesiologist provides care before, during and after your procedure. This physician will be introduced to you on the day of your surgery and will discuss your anesthesia options and risks. He or she will be with you during your procedure and will follow your progress until you awaken and are taken to your room or return home.

Patient Care Technician

A support staff member who assists you into the surgical area as well as directs your family members to the appropriate waiting area. Other duties include gathering needed supplies and equipment and assisting with positioning in the operating rooms.