Cardiovascular Services


Find cardiovascular care close to home at St.Vincent Jennings in North Vernon. We offer comprehensive cardiology consultations and evaluations as well as some cardiac testing and treatments. Our onsite cardiologist consults with in-patients who have heart disease risk factors and provides convenient follow up care.

In an emergency, St.Vincent Jennings has emergency room physicians and staff trained in best-practice protocols for heart attacks, strokes and other heart events as established by the Indiana Heart Attack Network.

If you need cardiovascular services beyond what we provide locally, we will coordinate additional care with St.Vincent Heart Center. When it’s urgent, we will coordinate air or ground transportation to get you there quickly.

Cardiology Services

Whether you have risk factors of heart disease, like a family history or high cholesterol, or you are worried about symptoms you have been experiencing, St.Vincent Jennings can help. We provide comprehensive cardiac examinations, consultations, testing and treatment for heart conditions, and we can help you modify your risk factors.

Outpatient Cardiology Services

Cardiology screenings and services available at St.Vincent Jennings, include:

  • $49 Heart Scan
  • Electrocardiograms (EKG)
  • Nuclear stress testing
  • Stress echocardiography — including chemical stress tests
  • Treadmill exercise testing


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Cardiovascular Services
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