Patient Stories

Pam Anderson/Richard Anderson

Pam Anderson Story Video

When Pam was told that she needed to choose a long term acute care facility for her father, she didn’t have to look any further than St.Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital. “They offered all of the medical services my dad would need to transition from intensive care to coming home. The beautiful garden, peaceful chapel and personal patient services offered gave my dad the independence and quality of life he needed to heal mentally as well as physically.” Pam appreciated the caring and committed staff, and feels that St.Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital was the perfect choice for her loved one.

Dave Holt

Long-term resident of Anderson, Indiana, Dave Holt is an exceptional printer at Saint John’s Health System. And while he’s worked on a number of projects for St.Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital over the years, he’s never had a reason to go there—not until he was admitted on April 3, 2011 as a patient.

Due to an unexpected and life-threatening reaction to a new combination of medications, Holt lost consciousness and was taken to Saint John’s Health System for immediate care. Failing to show improvement, Holt was transferred to Seton Specialty Hospital.

At Seton Specialty Holt regained consciousness, but he was uncertain of his new, unfamiliar surroundings. He was also understandably anxious about being so far from his family in Anderson.

The Seton Specialty nursing staff quickly recognized Holt’s need for company and began dropping in to chat or to help him shave and fix his hair. One nurse even let Holt borrow her cell phone to make a few calls while he waited for his family to bring him his own phone.

Holt said, “I was amazed at how everyone made such an effort to make me comfortable. All the nurses and staff made me feel like I was a part of their family. And they were always right there if I needed anything.”

When he left, Holt felt nothing short of a celebrity as everyone came out to say goodbye. Of course, no one wants to end up in intensive care, but he said that, “If you have to go somewhere, there’s no doubt that St.Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital should be your first choice.”

Dave Hasket

Dave Hasket Story Video

Stephen Douglas

Giving Patients A Voice

Stephen Douglas

After suffering a heart attack, Stephen Douglas was placed on a ventilator at St.Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital. Most ventilators render the patient silent. But a Philips Respironics ventilator system allowed Stephen to retain his voice, so he could talk to his wife and children while recovering. Unlike other ventilators that allow speaking, the ones used at Seton do not heighten the infection risk. Our speaking ventilators don’t allow the bi-directional flow of air. When in speaking mode, the patient inhales through the ventilator and exhales through the mouth. Being able to speak safely made a big impact on the healing process for Stephen. “Being able to talk to my family at a time like this – I can’t tell you how important that is.”

Harriett Black

Healing Through Music

Harriett Black Playing Piano

For years, Harriett Black played her piano in church and at nursing homes, bringing joy to all who listened. But also after suffering a heart attack, she had to give up the piano while recovering at St.Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital. Two months into her recovery, Harriett’s doctor encouraged her husband to bring her piano keyboard to the hospital. With support from hospital staff, she began to play music again. The sound of her piano ringing through the halls provided inspiration and comfort not only for Harriett, but for neighboring patients. Harriett was removed from ventilation support a couple of weeks later, and went home shortly afterward. “The staff at Seton understands that it takes more than medicine to heal a person,” Harriett said. “It takes heart, too.”