About Us

We bring new meaning to 'maximum potential.'

While some believe an athlete’s peak performance is limited, others dream of new ways to expand the boundaries of what the human body can achieve.

At St.Vincent Sports Performance, this is not a dream, but reality – a science of sports performance as defined by St.Vincent. The athletes we serve live this dream daily, reaching new heights of strength, agility, balance, endurance and speed.

"I love the intensity of workouts with the coaches of St.Vincent Sports Performance. I am a competitor and I like that they push me to my limit."
~ Deion Branch, 2005 Super Bowl MVP

"Coming out of college, I wasn’t even on the draft radar, but after training at St.Vincent, I was the first pick in the second round of the NBA draft. Their NBA Pre-Draft program changed my life."
~ Carl Landry, Sacramento Kings

"The expertise and resources that St.Vincent Sports Performance has provided to USA Gymnastics is invaluable."
~ Steve Penny, President of USA Gymnastics