Frequently Asked Questions

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Performance Training

Do you provide training for all types of athletes?

Yes we provide training for athletes from middle school, high school, college and elite athletes, including specific programs for NFL Combine Preparation, NBA Pre Draft Preparation and specific off-season training programs for multiple professional sports. Our clientele include athletes from the NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, IndyCar Series™, NASCAR, USA Gymnastics, USA Diving, USA Track & Field and other sports.

Where is St.Vincent Sports Performance located?

NW location (Original): 8227 Northwest Boulevard, Suite 160, Indianapolis, IN 46278 (Mapquest)
Clay Terrace location (opening 8/5/13 for physician visits and 8/12/13 for all other services):  14455 Clay Terrace Boulevard, Suites A & B, Carmel, IN 46032 (Mapquest)

What do your services cost?

The cost for our services depend on the number of training sessions you purchase and the number of athletes with which you train. Please call 317-415-5747 for pricing.  Our staff will provide you with detailed program and pricing information.

What does an athlete do during training?

Each training session will encompass elements of speed, strength and Energy System Development (ESD or conditioning). Specific techniques are determined by the training age and level of participation within our program.

Can an athlete be trained privately?

During the academic year, private training opportunities are available before 3 p.m. only. During summer months, private training opportunities are based on other group training session schedules.

Do you provide Performance Training outside your facilities?

Yes, we conduct some training outside our two locations. Our ability to do so depends on the distance from our facilities, the number of athletes involved, and time of day training is to be conducted.

Performance Medicine

Physician Services

Where are your physicians located and how do I schedule an appointment?

Click HERE for a complete list of contact information and map for our physician locations.

Do you have a program to facilitate medical second opinions outside of my professional team?

Yes, we facilitate this process within our physician group.

If I make an Athletic Injury Consult (AIC) appointment, how many times will I need to return, and will I receive something I can do at home?

You will receive a Home Program during your appointment. The number of times you return is based on your goals, the nature of the injury and your ability to return for follow up appointments.

Are your Athletic Injury Consultations covered by insurance?

No. Our AIC sessions are not covered by insurance.

What is the difference between physical therapy and Athletic Injury Consultations?

Physical therapy services are provided by a registered physical therapist at St.Vincent. Physical therapy services are eligible for reimbursement by your personal insurance with a physician’s prescription. AIC is provided by licensed athletic trainers. AIC is an hour, one-on-one, and incorporates hands-on assessment, treatment, plan of care and transition to return to sport.

How can I learn more about getting athletic training coverage at my event, school or organization?

Contact Jon Grant, Outreach Athletic Training Manager at 317-415-5744.

Where can I find the name of my son or daughter’s athletic trainer at their school?

If your son or daughter’s school is one of our partner schools, their name and school is listed on the staff page.

When and where can I get a physical for scholastic athletics?

Information on location, dates and times for athletic physicals for our partner schools will be announced in late Winter each year. You may also get an athletic physical from your personal physician.

Do I have to have a screening echocardiogram to participate in scholastic athletics?

No, this is optional. Contact The Care Group for more information at 338-CARE (2273).

Performance Psychology

Where is St.Vincent Sports Performance Sport Psychology Services located?

8227 Northwest Boulevard, Suite 160, Indianapolis, IN 46278 (Mapquest)

Is Sport Psychology covered by insurance?

If the athlete has a medical diagnosis (e.g. ADHD) or a mental health diagnosis (e.g. depression), some insurance plans do cover this service. Please consult your insurance plan to determine coverage. For most performance/sport psychology consultations (e.g. mental training), insurance does not cover services. Dr.’s Carr and Shunk are both licensed psychologists and HSPP-endorsed in the state of Indiana.

How long are the appointments?

Appointments are scheduled for 50-60 minutes; sometimes a brief consult of 20-30 minutes is sufficient to address a client’s issues. Fees are determined based on length of service and type of service provided.

Can I be seen at the IU campus if I am not an athlete there?

No. Unless you are an Indiana University-Bloomington student-athlete, appointments are located at 8227 Northwest Boulevard, Suite 160, Indianapolis, IN 46278 (Mapquest)

How does one schedule an appointment?

You may schedule an appointment by calling (317) 415-5819, or contact us via e-mail

Performance Nutrition

How do I schedule an appointment with a St.Vincent Sports Performance sports dietitian?

You may schedule an appointment by calling (317) 415-5747. Initial consultation consists of a full body composition assessment, a 3-day food journal analysis, resting metabolic rate and a full diet assessment. This is a two-appointment process (1st appointment for testing, 2nd appointment for analysis presentation).

I’m looking to gain lean muscle mass, what would you recommend?

We have 2 services that would be beneficial to these athletes: Individual assessments (listed above) and the Train to Gain Program. Train to Gain is a 4-week program consisting of an initial consultation, plus 6 extra classes on how to gain lean muscle mass in a healthy manner for $299. Train to Gain is a classroom setting and is limited to 10 athletes. Topics include: hydration, game day nutrition, weight gain products and tips, eating on the go and a grocery store tour.

Do you work with active individuals looking to lose weight?

Yes, we work with individuals looking to lose weight. Our approach is performance-driven and will equip each you with the knowledge and tools to lose weight and become a healthier, stronger, and faster athlete.

Do you provide body composition assessments to individuals without completing the initial nutrition consultation?

Yes, we provide Bodpod™ body composition assessments (1/$59 or 2/$99). This Bodpod™ assessment will provide a print out your body fat percentage, lean mass, fat mass and an estimated metabolic rate (calories needed). This is a great tool for monitoring lean muscle gains, fat loss, and determining how many calories you need per day.

What do you need to do to prepare for a BodPod™?

In both tests the athlete should be in a fasted state. Ideally this is best conducted first thing in the morning without any food or drinks. If this is not possible, we need at least 4 hours without food or drinks. No exercise should be performed within 4 hours of the test as well. To enter the BodPod™ an athlete should be wearing tight clothing. Suggested apparel for men: compression shorts or Speedo-type bathing suit. Suggested apparel for women: one-piece bathing suit or compression shorts and sports bra.