Pregnancy and Infant Loss

The loss of a pregnancy or infant is difficult and painful. While research and medicine have made great progress over the years, most perinatal losses still go unexplained. At St.Vincent Women’s Hospital, we provide education, comfort and healing for parents searching for answers and peace.

The Center for Perinatal Loss

St.Vincent’s Center for Perinatal Loss offers programs and resources for grieving families in a warm, healing environment. Although nothing can erase the pain caused by the loss of a child, we can help ease it, guide you towards healing, and perhaps help you find hope for your next pregnancy. For more information, please call (317) 415-7494.

At the Center for Perinatal Loss, our programs and services include:

Infant Loss Program

The Infant Loss Program is a program that provides parents with support and guidance through the pain that accompanies a miscarriage, stillbirth and/or neonatal loss. This program offers a variety of opportunities for emotional and spiritual support as you connect with other families who share your experience.

Perinatal Hospice

This program assists families who have received a diagnosis for their infant in utero that will most likely be fatal prior to birth, at birth or shortly after birth. To help you better understand your diagnosis, cope with your experiences and begin the healing process, we offer education, assistance and compassion by means of phone calls, e-mail or personal visits.

Perinatal Loss Evaluation Program

The Perinatal Loss Evaluation Program provides parents the opportunity to investigate the cause of their baby’s death, using maternal and fetal labs, placental evaluation and/or autopsy. Through compassion and support, we encourage families to choose a course of action they feel most comfortable pursuing.

Our program is designed with three options of maternal and fetal/neonatal evaluation from which the physician and family can choose.

  • Option I – Reviewing medical records, supplemental laboratories, photographs, and x-rays
  • Option II – All aspects of Option I plus sending the placenta to St.Vincent pathology for evaluation by our pediatric pathologist
  • Option III – All aspects of Option I and II plus sending the baby’s remains to St.Vincent for evaluation by our pediatric pathologist

After all of the available components of the case have been reviewed, conclusions, recommendations, additional testing and appropriate referrals to specialists will be made on a case by case basis. Finally and most importantly, a letter outlining the findings of the case will be sent to both the family and referring physician. It is our sincerest hope that the findings of the evaluation will help families resolve their grief and give them guidance for reproductive planning in the future.

All necessary supplies and instructions have been provided to the majority of hospitals in the state in Indiana. Many of the documents can also be downloaded below. To enroll a patient in the Perinatal Loss Evaluation Program, please call ONE-Call at (317) 338-5000.

Forms and Resources for Hospital Care Providers

Can be obtained by calling ONE-call at (317) 338-5000

For more information about the Center for Perinatal Loss, please call (317) 415-7494.