Patient Experience

The Gary Dellmo Story

Gary Dellmo 1

"There’s only one hospital that meets my needs as a patient.”
– Gary Dellmo

St.Vincent Clay Hospital has provided Brazil resident Gary Dellmo with quality, compassionate care for decades

As a teacher and administrator in the Wabash Valley community, Gary Dellmo knows pretty much everybody around Brazil. After all, he’s lived here for more than 50 years, and he has been active in the community his entire life.

“I love the town of Brazil and the people of Clay County,” Gary said. “It’s why I’ve stayed here so long—this is home for me, and it always will be.”

It’s the same story for one of Gary’s kids. One of his two married daughters has decided to stay in Clay County to raise her family. She loves it for all the same reasons as her father: it’s friendly, familiar and a great place to call home.

Just like any family, the Dellmos have experienced some health issues over the years. Gary in particular has required surgery. Luckily, he’s been able to count on St.Vincent Clay Hospital for quality surgical care in a family-friendly setting.

“Years ago, I was having serious pain in my knee, so I turned to St.Vincent Clay Hospital because I’d had great experiences there before. The doctors told me I needed an arthroscopic procedure to remove torn cartilage in my knee, so I decided to have the surgery right there at St.Vincent Clay Hospital. The hospital staff was friendly, made me feel totally comfortable, and the surgery was a success.”

But that’s not the only time Gary has needed surgery. When he experienced a hernia, Gary went back to St.Vincent Clay Hospital because he knew from past experiences that he could count on the doctors there for an accurate diagnosis.

Gary Dellmo 2

“At the time, I wasn’t sure if the surgeons at St.Vincent Clay Hospital would be able to fix my hernia,” Gary said. “But, as usual, the St.Vincent Clay Hospital surgeons were more than capable. I’ve had other surgeries done there too, including colonoscopies and a foot procedure. It’s always like getting expert medical care from old friends. And these days, that’s exactly what they are.”

St.Vincent Clay Hospital takes great care of Gary’s family, too.

“St.Vincent Clay Hospital is where my daughter takes her child when she’s sick or injured. It’s where my whole family goes,” said Gary. “We’re grateful St.Vincent Clay Hospital has been able to do so much for our family—especially when it comes to the major stuff, like surgery.”

Gary also rests easy knowing that if he or any member of his family ever requires surgery that can’t be addressed at St.Vincent Clay Hospital, we have access to the best doctors and specialists in the state through St.Vincent Health.

“St.Vincent Clay Hospital is where I’ll go for care the rest of my life,” he said. “They not only meet my needs as a patient, they consistently surpass them. Why would I go anywhere else?”