ONE Call Transfer

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One step. One call.

ONE Call Transfer at 317-338-5000 connects you to the services of St.Vincent Health, twenty–four hours a day, any day of the year. Immediately. No run around.

A nurse with advanced training handles your call start to finish, expediting your connection with a physician and, for certain specialties, a consulting physician. Within minutes, your transfer process is complete, including a bed number, report number, and as appropriate, arrangements for transport — whether via St.Vincent StatFlight or St.Vincent StatGround (newborn and pediatric critical care transport). Approved protocols determine the best resource for your patient’s needs. And the nurse stays on the line to assist in making all required transfers.

Afterwards, you receive faxed information about your patient’s progress and the accepting physician’s assessment.

When your patients’ medical needs exceed the services you or your facility can provide, they become our priority. Call ONE Call Transfer. We do it all 317-338-5000.

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