StatFlight & StatGround

In flight within minutes of the dispatch call.
24 hours a day, every day.

St.Vincent Health provides advanced transport services through our St.Vincent StatFlight and St.Vincent StatGround, ensuring medical services are readily available for patients throughout the state. We understand that when immediate critical care is needed, it is imperative to have the necessary transport resources to deliver the patient to the most appropriate care facility to achieve the best possible outcome.

That is why we’ve streamlined our critical and emergent care into a comprehensive system of specialties working together. Air and ground transport gets patients where they need to be to get the best care.

Facilities are kept on the cutting edge of technology with constant emphasis on patient safety. And our highly skilled emergency teams stay focused under pressure — mindful, but undaunted by the ticking clock. At St.Vincent Health, we know that survival is often a matter of time. And we’re working around the clock to make the most of every minute.

First Response for Acute Care

St.Vincent StatFlight / StatGround works in concert with the St.Vincent ONE Call Transfer, which provides first responders, physicians, nurses and hospitals with a simple and efficient process to transfer patients to an acute care facility. The air and ground transport service also gives patients and families access to the health system’s highly specialized services such as cardiovascular, neurosciences, pediatrics, women’s and orthopedic care.

Emergent Care

Learn more about how our comprehensive system of specialties work together to get patients the best care possible.

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ONE Call Transfer at 317-338-5000 connects you to the services of St.Vincent Health, twenty–four hours a day, any day of the year. Immediately. No run around.

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