$79 Vascular Screening

Are You at Risk for a Stroke?

Every 40 seconds someone in the U.S. has a stroke

"Did you know, nearly 25% of strokes occur in people under the age of 65? At higher risk are Black Americans but strokes affect all races and age groups."
-- St.Vincent Vascular Institute (part of the St.Vincent Heart Center)

If you are age 55 or older and have a family history of stroke, abdominal aortic aneurysm or peripheral artery disease (PAD) consider having a $79 TriVascular Screening test.

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Ask your primary care physician if it's time to have a TriVascular Screening Test. This screening test is currently available at the St.Vincent Heart Center, 86th St, Indianapolis.

About the TriVascular Screening Test

This ultrasound test is painless, takes less than 60 minutes, and helps detect clogged, damaged or weakened blood vessels. The vascular screening test looks for signs of an aneurysm (swelling of an artery or heart chamber), carotid artery disease and blockages in the leg arteries (peripheral artery disease). All three can lead to stroke.

Trivascular Ultrasound

Figure A shows the placement of the ultrasound over the carotid artery in the neck. Figure B is a color ultrasound image showing blood flow (the red color in the image) in the carotid artery. Figure C is a waveform image showing the sound of flowing blood in the carotid artery.

In a TriVascular screening, the ultrasound device is moved over the lower chest, stomach, neck and legs looking at the rate of circulating blood and possible bulges in the blood vessels. It's a more comprehensive look and evaluates stroke risk from multiple points of view.

About the Vascular Institute

The St.Vincent Heart Center has a large team of vascular care specialists with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of damaged arteries and veins that imped blood flow. Our goal is to prevent strokes, aneurysms and peripheral artery disease (PAD) yet we know it's a daily occurrence. Stroke may be called the "silent killer" but there are proven medical treatments to reduce ones risk for having a stroke and other vascular conditions, as well as, regain a quality of life after stroke.

Our physicians treat all types of vascular diseases. A fast and accurate diagnose is key. Do not delay, call 911 if you experience or witness any signs and symptoms.

AHA FAST Stroke Infographic

(Click to enlarge) If you are diabetic, a cigarette smoker or have heart disease, especially AFib or high blood pressure, you are at risk for developing a stroke. The most recent American Heart Association heart and stroke guidelines (Nov.2013 based on scientific, evidence-based medicine) urge physicians to prescribe medications called statins when appropriate, treat obesity as a disease, and provide resources to promote a healthy lifestyle. The focus should be on cholesterol, lifestyle, obesity and risk assessment. (www.heart.org)


The St.Vincent Health Information Library includes more information about these diseases and conditions.