Menopausal Care

Center for Wellness Medicine

The Center for Wellness Medicine at St.Vincent Anderson Regional addresses the unique needs of women in their transitional years, the period of time when a woman begins to experience menopausal symptoms even though she is still having a menstrual cycle. In this innovative program, a team of certified professionals evaluates a woman's total health in order to identify and address hormone, adrenal, thyroid and other imbalance issues. Following thorough consultation and testing to understand a woman's unique issues, the recommends specific therapy to bring the woman's body back in balance. This may include hormone re-balance therapy using natural hormones that are customized and compounded, just like those made by the body.

The Center for Wellness Medicine gives women information about hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, fatigue and other issues that often plague women in their midlife. Christina Jackey, an advanced practice nurse in women's health, is a pivotal player in the Center's operation, along with Dr. Jeffrey Blake, the medical director.

"We strive for healing from the inside," Jackey said. "We take care of chronic imbalances before they become disease states. We complement the medical care that women are already receiving."

"Maybe a woman has been trying hormone replacement therapy and not getting to where she needs to be. We will take her to the next step of core healing and getting her body back to where it should be," Jackey said.

Blake said a women's health study released about 10 years ago disparaging hormone replacement therapy was a disservice to women and created misinformation both among patients and the medical field.

"This center is a great opportunity for women to have inroads to real discussions about what their options are, to have their needs addressed and to have an opportunity to make choices about what they want to do to feel good," Blake said. "I'm really excited about this. It is definitely a need that exists out there."

The Center for Wellness Medicine also offers well woman visits, including pap testing, screenings, breast exams and other tests as needed. Education and support are provided to promote holistic balance.

For more information or an appointment, call the Center for Wellness Medicine at 646.8247.

Restore Wellness Shoppe

Located within the Center for Wellness Medicine is a health retail store, called The Restore Wellness Shoppe. The Restore Wellness Shoppe stocks supplements, vitamins, proteins, bariatric supplies, personal lubricants and probiotics. Many items are high-end products that are difficult to find in our community. The Restore Wellness Shoppe is open Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information, call (765) 646-8247.