Health Education

Whether hosting an educational class at our facility or stepping out into the community to give a seminar to students or local employees, St.Vincent Frankfort is dedicated to seeking out and fulfilling the educational needs of area residents.

What are you ready to learn today?

Our educational classes and seminars are structured around providing you with the best learner-centered setting possible. We strive for informal, comfortable settings and encourage open dialogue among all participants. We offer a variety of educational opportunities across a variety of disease states and targeted to diverse groups. From our classes to seminars, we strive to offer something to benefit everyone.

How can I register for classes?

Please call St.Vincent Frankfort at (765) 656-3000 to register.

When is payment due?

Fee payment is due prior to the first class. For prenatal classes, scholarships are available to assist with the class fee−please contact the Obstetrics Department at (765) 656-3300 for more information.