Board of Directors

Thanks to the efforts of our volunteer Board of Directors, The Foundation is able to help the St.Vincent ministry and community provide equipment and ways to make the hospital function smoothly.

We wish to thank each member of the Board for their dedicated service to our organization and mission.

Meet the Board

  • Brian Zeh, Chairperson
  • Joe Doan, Vice Chairperson
  • Laura Mullen, Treasurer
  • Krista Wright, Secretary
  • Thomas Crawford, Hospital Administrator
  • Jerry Marks, Chief Financial Officer
  • Ronald Niemesh, Executive Director
  • R. Joseph Dixon
  • Dr. Lee Dupler
  • John Milholland
  • Jim Moyer
  • Ayten Rogowski
  • Megan Sheets
  • Barb Beard
  • Cindy Chambers
  • Jay Moore
  • Heather Allen
  • Jack Ransom
  • Patty Ostler

Need More Information on the Board?

Please contact:
Ron Niemesh
Executive Director
St.Vincent Frankfort Hospital Foundation
(765) 656-3700