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St.Vincent Neuroscience Institute would like you to contribute to our quarterly updates. Whether you’re an associate, department manager/director, community partner, physician or patient, please consider contributing information or updates related to St.Vincent Neuroscience Institute programs, activities and accomplishments; new faces; research initiatives; outreach and education; marketing and public relations efforts; and, patient comments, to help us recap the quarter in a newsletter format. Our quarterly summaries will be shared with the team at St.Vincent Neuroscience Institute, as well as leadership at St.Vincent Indianapolis Hospital, physicians who practice with us, and our partners.

To submit an update, please complete the form below. Please contact Stephanie Nichols at should you have any questions or changes to your submission.

Updates will be shared every quarter. Please submit your updates at any point, but please try to get them entered before the final submission deadline listed below.

Quarter Final Submission Deadline Quarterly Update Published
FY 12: Q3 (January – March) DUE: April 2 PUBLISHED: April 16
FY 12: Q4 (April – June) DUE: July 2 PUBLISHED: July 16
FY 13: Q1 (July – September) DUE: October 1 PUBLISHED: October 15
FY 13: Q2 (October – December) DUE: January 7 PUBLISHED: January 21

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