Emergent Care Access

A network of critical care services. All focused on saving time and lives.

At St.Vincent, we know that survival is often a matter of time. And we're working around the clock to make the most of every minute. We offer specifically equipped ground vehicles and air transport that are strategically located throughout Central Indiana.

Critical Care Transport

Maternal-Fetal Patients

Our dedicated ground transport team includes an experienced high-risk obstetric RN and paramedic supported by the largest team of maternal-fetal medicine physicians in Indiana. We are the only transport provider in Indiana to offer air and ground transport for obstetric patients and provide fetal monitors on board every ambulance or aircraft. St.Vincent Women's Hospital is the only Level III Perinatal services and Level IIIc NICU under one roof in Indiana.

Call (317) 338-5000 to activate.  

Newborn and Pediatric Transport

Our Newborn Transport Team includes a neonatologist, neonatal nurse transport specialist, and neonatal respiratory specialist. Our Pediatric Transport Team includes a pediatric hospitalist, a pediatric nurse transport specialist, and a pediatric respiratory therapist. Our fleet includes three state-of-the-art critical care transport ambulances equipped with a bronchotron ventilator and high-frequency ventilation with nitric oxide. Newborns are transported to St.Vincent Women's Hospital and pediatric patients are transported to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St.Vincent.

Call (317) 338-5000 to activate.  

Emergency Services

The IHAN (Indiana Heart Attack Network) immediately connects to a St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana physician for consultation, activates the Acute MI Emergency System, and orders immediate transport to a leading, experienced PCI unit, 24/7.

Call (317) 583-5803 to activate; or call toll-free at (877) 444-4560. 

Mission: Lifeline for EMS Field Activation

This service immediately connects paramedics to a St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana emergency department physician for consultation, activates STEMI/Acute MI Emergency System, and orders immediate transport to a leading, experienced PCI unit, 24/7.

Call (317) 583-5141 and/or IHERN to activate. 

EMS Patient Follow-Up Program

St.Vincent Health can provide transferring physicians with their patient's status after they have been transported to one of our facilities at St.Vincent Indianapolis Hospital or St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana. Follow-up patient information can be requested for patients with cardiovascular, stroke, trauma, cardiac arrest, or unresponsive diagnoses.

The follow-up report can provide information on:

  • Injuries or illnesses identified by the hospital
  • Treatments and procedures performed at the hospital
  • Applicable imaging reports (CT scan, CT perfusion, angiogram of the head, and Cath films)
  • Diagnosis and outcomes of the patient
  • Patient care opportunities identified

A follow-up report will be completed within 72 hours of submission of the request to St.Vincent. 

Patient Transfer via St.Vincent ONE Call Transfer

St.Vincent ONE Call Transfer provides first responders, physicians, nurses, and hospitals with a simple and efficient process to transfer patients to an acute care facility—you can transfer a patient to a St.Vincent facility with one simple phone call. A nurse with advanced training handles your call from start to finish, facilitating your connection with a physician. This service also initiates critical care transport for newborn, maternal-fetal, and pediatric patients.

Call (317) 338-5000 to activate. 

St.Vincent StatFlight and St.Vincent StatGround

A partnership between St.Vincent Health and PHI Air Medical has further enhanced the ONE Call Transfer service and created two new critical care transport brands—St.Vincent StatFlight and St.Vincent StatGround. The air and ground transport service also gives patients and families access to the health system’s highly specialized services such as cardiovascular, neurosciences, pediatrics, women’s, and orthopedic care. In addition, StatFlight and StatGround crews receive training and medical direction from St.Vincent physicians, which provides the opportunity for collaboration on outcome data reporting and quality improvement initiatives. 

StatFlight bases are located in West Lafayette, Anderson, Danville, and North Vernon, resulting in extensive reach throughout the entire state for patient transports. 

  • State-of-the-art emergency helicopter transport
  • Airborne emergency response team includes an experienced pilot, flight paramedic, and flight nurse certified according to the industry's highest safety standards
  • On-board technology includes night-vision capabilities, Outerlink Satellite Tracking, and traffic collision avoidance systems

Call (866) 574-4633 for flight requests.