The OrthoIndy Trauma Team

More experience. More doctors. Better care.

OrthoIndy Trauma Team

In a trauma situation, experience and expertise are paramount. That's why we've added eight new OrthoIndy physicians with unmatched experience in the Indianapolis area to the St.Vincent Trauma Center team.

Approximately 55 percent of all trauma cases involve orthopedics. So having more orthopedic trauma physicians means St.Vincent will be able to serve a greater number of patients.

Starting February of 2013 our eight new physicians will bring their experience and excellent reputations to the St.Vincent Trauma Center. We're confident they will help us provide our patients with the best orthopedic trauma care available anywhere.

The OrthoIndy trauma specialists bring decades of combined experience to St.Vincent. Over the years, they have treated some of the toughest trauma cases in the country. Among them are published authors, professors and outstanding surgeons, who have studied at prestigious universities such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins. We're happy to have their expertise in providing excellent, compassionate care for our patients.

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