Breast MRI

St.Vincent Breast MRI First Accredited in Indiana

In November of 2010, St.Vincent Indianapolis Hospital became the first site in Indiana accredited by the American College or Radiology (ACR) in Breast MRI. St.Vincent is currently the only accredited Breast MRI site in the state and is one of 29 healthcare facilities in the U.S. accredited by ACR. Congratulations to Will Breeden, MS, Diagnostic Physicist and the staff at St. Vincent Breast MRI Services (8550 Naab Road, Suite 110) for achieving this honor.

Learn more about ACR and its accreditation here

A breast MRI is a non-invasive procedure that provides detailed images of breast tissue. Computer software then flags suspicious areas of the MRI images and alerts the radiologist reviewing the scans.

For most women, mammography provides ample screening for breast cancer. Women with any of the following conditions may be considered for a breast MRI:

  • recently diagnosed with breast cancer
  • a previous history of cancer
  • high risk for breast cancer
  • a family history (sister, mother, grandmother) of breast cancer
  • BRCA1 and BRCA2 carriers
  • implants or scar tissue that might jeopardize an accurate result from a mammogram

Planning a Procedure

Because hormones can change breast tissue, there are optimal times to schedule your breast MRI based on your menstrual cycle. Please talk to your physician about this when scheduling your appointment.

MRIs take place on the first floor of the Physicians Medical Plaza, 8550 Naab Road, Suite 100. Please bring any previous mammography films if not performed at a St.Vincent location. Tests usually take between 45 and 90 minutes.

To learn more or to schedule a breast MRI, please call (317) 338-3224.